Physical Commodity Trading & Brokerage

Aside from our processing operations, we are active in the global trade of commodity metals, minerals, raw materials, and petroleum products predominantly sourced from Russia, Southern Africa, and Eastern Europe. SRP Industrial acts as principal, agent, and intermediary in a wide array of physical commodity transactions worldwide. 

Wealth of Expertise

Leveraging our direct relationships with miners, refiners, processors, and metal fabricators we facilitate medium to large scale transactions, bridging the gap between the source and capable buyers. In our capacity as a merchant, we also provide liquidity to our partners in scenarios where stock for spot-purchases is available.

Our team identifies opportunities and efficiently guides our clients through the transaction, ensuring a mutually beneficial trade. 

Diverse Portfolio

SRP Industries Trading Co. supplies the following LME Base Metals, Precious Metals, and Gemstones. Sourcing specific origin and location on demand.




- Gold
- Copper

- Silver
- Aluminum
- Tin

- Zinc

- Nickel

- Coltan / Tantalum
- Bauxite

- Iron Ore


- Crude Oil
- Jet Fuel

- Butane

- Naphtha


- Diamonds
- Tanzanite