The concepts of sustainability and corporate responsibility are at the core of SRP Industrial Recycling & Trading Co. operations. Health and environment safety, community development, and sustainability functions are deeply embedded into our long-term growth strategy. The nature of our business is, at its core, geared towards continuous innovation, environmental protection, and sustainable growth. As the world turns to an increasingly menacing issue of climate change, we fortify our efforts to bring a positive contribution to a greener, more inclusive world.

Our near-future growth strategy includes creating more than 150 new jobs in rural communities of Central-Eastern Europe, through the implementation of the most modern recycling facility in the Baltic Region. Being a respected member of the communities we operate in is our primary consideration during the development of new projects.

At SRP Industrial Recycling & Trading Co., we continue to grow by leaving a positive imprint on the world:

​Creating a safe, inclusive workplace and enforcing equal employment opportunities.

Being environmentally responsible in all areas of operation.

Contributing to the development of rural communities.

Striving to innovate and preserve resources in commercial activities.

SRP Industrial Recycling & Trading Co. sustainability report