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SRP Industrial Recycling & Trading Co. is a privately held company engaging in recycling, processing, and physical trading of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, precious metals, alloys and minerals.

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Supply Contracts & Spot Purchasing Opportunities

International Procurement of Scrap Metals

Reliable Supply of Industrial Construction Materials

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- Copper
- Aluminum
- Gold

- Steel

- Crude Oil
- Steel

- Construction Materials


- Copper (Cu) Cables, Wires

- Aluminum Cables

- Scrap with Impurity

- Used Machinery
- Mix Aluminium, Copper Scrap

- Brass Scrap

- Misc. Scrap


- International Sourcing and Trading

- Transportation & Logistics (Sea, Rail, Land)

- Processing, Recycling Non-Ferrous Metals

- 24 Hour Real-Time Execution
- Purchasing of Scrap Metals

- Sourcing Specific Origin and Brand
- Reliable Supply of Construction Materials

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In addition to recycling operations, SRP Industrial Recycling & Trading Co. is constantly expanding its scope of services enabling the company to offer a one-stop-shop solution for companies working in the industrial sector. Whether you are a construction company looking for a reliable supplier of construction metals at the lowest price, trading company seeking to fulfill an international metal transaction, or a large-scale industrial client looking for a combination of services and materials, SRP takes a specialized approach and individual service to combine your requirements into a cost-effective and reliable singular solution handled by SRP.

Scrap Metal Purchasing - Sell Your Scrap Metal SRP Industrial

SRP Industrial constantly purchases scrap metals of all types from all over continental Europe. Our minimum purchasing quantity is 2 MT. We arrange free collection from your location. We work with scrap metal traders, dealers, recyclers, waste-producing factories, construction sites, and individual sellers within continental Europe. Take advantage of hassle-free collection, fair assessment, and industry-leading prices for your scrap metal and waste. 
Sell your Scrap Metal to SRP Industrial for the highest price!

FREE International Collection!
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Gateway to a World of Resources

SRP Industrial conducts physical trading transactions of commodity metals, minerals, gas and petroleum products.
Our extensive network of valuable relationships with reputable producers, miners, refineries based primarily in West Africa, enables us to deliver the most sought-after commodities to international buyers at attractive rates.
Our dedicated team of global trade experts will work with you closely throughout the duration of the transaction and ensure flawless execution. We partake in spot-purchases and long-term supply contracts.

What can we do for You?

Our most used services include:

Transportation & Logistics

Construction Materials


Surplus Equipment Sales

Trade & Supply Chain


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Market Making Solutions

Leveraging our extensive network of connections within the mining 

industry, we work with clients in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and

North America. Establishing profitable trade routes and adding value 

at every step of the supply chain.

SRP Industrial Commodity Trade Service bridges the gap between the Buyers and Sellers, with primary sources being African, Eastern Europe and Russia. Our typical transactions include LME Base Metals at discounted rates up to -20% of LME.

We actively supply Copper Cathodes, Copper Granules, Aluminum Ingots, Coltan Ore, Cobalt, Bauxite, Gold Dore Bars, Diamonds, Crude Oil, Ethanol. The majority of our clientele is based in the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Switzerland, China, South Korea, and Russia.

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